Low Voltage at Home

When looking for lighting options to light your home it is important to find a lighting source that will produce maximum light at a high efficiency and functionality. If you have children or small animals at or around your home, it is also important to consider the safety risk involved with the placement and type of lighting, especially for outdoor lighting.

Outdoor Low Voltage Lighting

Low voltage lights are highly efficient and safe. Low voltage lights work by plugging a transformer into a grounded outdoor power receptacle that alters the voltage output from a standard level of about 110 volts to a low voltage level output of about 12 volts. There are several benefits to this reduction. First, this means low voltage lights are highly efficient, which cuts down energy usage and reduces your monthly electric bill. Second, if your child was to come into contact with the outdoor lights while playing in your yard they will not experience any sort of extreme shock. These benefits make low voltage lights a top choice in outdoor lighting among many homeowners. There are many uses for outdoor low voltage lighting, such as: a tree or garden

  • Outline a driveway
  • Highlight fences, steps or porches
  • Indoor Low Voltage Lighting

    While many people choose to put low voltage lighting on the outside of their home, low voltage lighting is often also beneficial within the home. Low voltage lighting is great for indoor areas that do not gain much natural light exposure, such as stairwells and closets. As low voltage lights withstand natural elements, it is much better than other sources of lighting, many homeowners in Jacksonville choose to use them in less insulated parts of their homes, such as the basement, attic, or shed.