Low Voltage at the Worksite

Low voltage lighting is a popular inexpensive lighting option that has been used in outdoor lighting for over 80 years! Low Voltage lights offer a higher illumination level than solar lights can, while costing a great deal less than line voltage lighting does. On average, a low voltage bulb can last 10,000 hours, making it a reliable option for businesses to pursue.

Low Voltage Commercial

Many businesses in Jacksonville choose low voltage lighting for their extensive safety benefits. By lasting longer than other types of lighting options your clients and employees are less likely to be caught in the dark due to a burnt out bulb. For this reason, low voltage lights are great for small dark areas like closets, and also staircases. Also, unlike traditional lighting options low voltage lights pose less of a risk of harmful incident due to electrical shock. The maximum shock that a low voltage light will conduct is 12 volts, which is neither life threatening or harmful to children or small animals.

Low Voltage lights boast many different design options and are even able to be fixed to a timer for additional savings!

If you are interested in incorporating low voltage lights into your business site contact Integrity First Electric today to discuss the different options that we have available.