New Additional Wiring

As your family grows overtime it often happens that so must your home! While your home expands it is crucial that your electrical wiring layout does too. Improper and out of date wires are a huge fire hazard. At Integrity First Electric we are able to easily evaluate your homes needs as it grows to ensure safety and convenience long into the future.

For many, expanding the home you currently live in is a much more appealing option than picking up and moving. Basements, attics and garages all offer great available space that, with a little work, can make a great additional bedroom or bathroom. For those that don’t have the option of an attic or basement, or prefer to leave the garage for the cars, a new addition is often the way to go. With any of these options it is important to have an electrical contractor evaluate the new space and ensure that there are no risks that need to be addressed before it is occupied.

Whether you live in the Greater Jacksonville area, Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach or Ponte Vedra, your homes electrical wiring is tailored to the way your home is now, and may not be ready for an expansion as is. For this reason, it is very likely that you will need updated or additional wiring in order to power the expansion of your house to the level and fashion that it requires.

Contact us today and we can discuss the best wiring options suited for your home’s needs.