New/ Retrofit Construction

At Integrity First Electric we have extensive experience involving the new construction and retrofitting of commercial enterprises. We focus on providing high quality electrical work, on-time and on-budget, allowing your business to move forward according to plan.

New Construction

Commercial Construction Building a new construction site for a business is a very big step. As your business grows it is essential that your new building is ready for you on time, and the best way to ensure that this happens is to incorporate electrical services into the building design from the very start of the project. At Integrity First Electric, we understand that different businesses have different needs, wether your busniess is in the Greater Jacksonville area or at the Beaches, and we are able to work and provide you with a detailed layout that is suited to your company and your personal needs, whether they are commercial, industrial or retail oriented.


Retrofitting is a great energy saving solution to help your company cut costs. An electrical retrofit can cut your company’s monthly electric costs by 40%! Retrofitting involves the updating of outdated and environmentally harmful lighting fixtures and devices, therefore maximizing aesthetic appeal while keeping your workplace bright and your cost’s low. There are many benefits to retrofitting your corporate space, including financial, environmental and aesthetic reasons. New LED lights use less electricity and last longer than standard bulbs, meaning they require less replacement cost down the road and are going to remain much brighter than standard bulbs will for a long period of time.