Service Panel Upgrade

Service Panel Upgrades

Do your lights flicker on and off? Are tripped circuit breakers a frequent frustration? These are the signs that your service panel is in desperate need of an upgrade. This is especially true if you are considering any sort of addition or remodel to your home.

Many homes in Greater Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach and Ponte Vedra, especially homes over ten years old, often have outdated amp electrical services that may be overworked with your home as it is now. Adding additional space to your home without updating the wiring could cause severe electrical issues and even increase fire risk if not addressed early on. Just 30 years ago, the average house was equipped with 60 amp electrical service, and ten years later that level increased to 100 amps. Many houses built during this time still have electrical service levels in this range, despite the fact that new homes are often now equipped with 200 amps electrical service levels! Due to this, many homes lack the proper level of electrical service that your appliances and lifestyle warrant. Older homes were built with the refrigerator and water heater as the largest strains on the electrical system. Now, especially in Jacksonville, Florida, air conditioning units use more electricity than entire households used to! These outdated service panels often ultimately lead to increased power outages and brown-outs that can cause damage to your modern electrical devices, such as your television or computer, and can even cause more serious harm to your home in the case of an electrical fire. If you are considering an expansion, or are concerned that your service panel is out of date, contact us to discuss upgrade options and ensure safety and enjoyment in your home for you and your family.